Convenient and time saving

Shippers can easily and conveniently book and ship their cargo within their fingertips, from anywhere, 24/7

cost effective


The platform allows shippers to get quotation from multiple transporters that are registered to the platform, and pick the best offer

Minimizing empty trucks

Minimizing empty trucks

Many trucks tend to be empty on their return trips. This platform helps truckers to find the cargo on the go



Transporters and warehouse owners can now eliminate empty space which is normally costly, and improve their asset utilization efficiency and affordability

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CarrierPAWA is a reward program offered to our transporters. The program allows the transporter to receive special discounts on fuel, tyres, car services, and spare parts.

Throught the program, the transporter will be given a discount voucher that will be used when purchasing such products or services at our partner stations/shops.


  • Must have registered as a transporter on
  • Must have done three(3) different trips
  • Must have paid the due commission to Srinters Logistics (Operator of


  • The voucher is only used once
  • Once used, the transporter will also need new three(3) trips to qualify again
  • The program will remain in that way that transporters will be qualifying for discount vouchers every after completing three(3) trips through our platform.

List of services providers

We will soon share the list of our service providers where you can use your voucher

Our Partnering services

  • Petrol stations
  • Car services centers
  • Tyre suppliers
  • Spare parts suppliers
  • Truck sellers